quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

Think About It!

Em entrevista, Diane Pernet, jornalista de moda e referência quando o assunto é tendência, diz o seguinte:

Look inside yourselves for what makes you really unique and what you want to express. Do not copy other people's ideas. And thinking back to what you mentioned about the forgotten fashion trades, go back to tailoring clothes that are really beautiful and well made. A personal touch must emerge but it does not necessarily have to be extreme, it must have a style of its own without excessively artificial aesthetics. I think there is always room for ideas of this kind. From Italian designers, in particular, in addition to personality we expect perfection, top quality materials and tailoring and excellent construction. But these are very difficult times, from between a young designer who sells a jacket for 690 euro and H&M that sales it for 69, you are bound to choose the least expensive on account of the economy. Fast fashion can not offer great quality in fabrics or craftsmenship , it is fast fashion so it is made to last a season or two , not more. Luxury items have no sell out date."

Acrescento um único detalhe: copiar o estilo alheio é o grande passo para a deselegância e o cuidado com excessos descabidos é invariavelmente bem-vindo.

Para saber mais: www.ashadedviewonfashion.com

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